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Plan your cloud resources at ease with 8iSoft​ CRP with RBAC, resource-tag-level analytics, AI-based alerts, and much more for you to explore.​

Cloud Resource Planning Solutions​

Embrace smart recommendations, autonomous alerts, and the ability to decentralize cloud monitoring effort to non-IT project owners.

CRP = Plan + Optimize

Spotlight Features

Resource Monitoring and Planning

Allocation Recommendation​

  • Detailed cost summary available to plan out yearly or tri-yearly purchases​
  • Usage-based RI purchase recommendations with detailed flexibility group, scope, coverage, and estimated savings​
8Soft Allocation Recommendation​
8iSoft AI Monitor

AI Monitor

  • Top anomalies alerted in Advisor Dashboard​
  • Click alert card to pin-point primary causes from service down to instance level​
  • Adjustable time frame and sensitivity level​
8iSoft Budgeting​


  • Setup budget for any desired scope down to resource tag level​
  • Auto alert when budget reaches custom threshold​
  • Visualized report could be scheduled and shared to external parties​

Spotlight Features

Cost and Efficiency Optimization

Waste Identification​

  • Identify potential waste through orphan resource detection with detailed % and cost​
  • Reference usage and balance dashboard for overage references​
  • Monitor RI order utilization summary and alter order accordingly​


  • Use custom VM auto on-off scheduler to optimize during peak and off-peak hours​
  • In-app VM provisioning with cost estimation​
8iSoft Auto-operation
8iSoft CRP Dashboard

Add-on Modules​

  • M365 Module: Unused, unassigned, inactive license management and service plan breakdown (Purchases available to certain regions)​
  • Security Module (Coming Soon)​

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  • Multi-cloud management for Azure, GCP, AWS
  • ​Fully refundable within 72 hours
  • Instant onboarding in 3 minutes
  • ​No base fee, pay as you spend​
  • Contact us for enterprise free trial and special offer​

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